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The 7 stages of digital ads

Ads traverse their own lifecycle, transitioning through phases of conception to eventual retirement. Echoing this metamorphosis, we present “The 7 stages of digital ads.” Embark on this poetic exploration and delve into the life of a digital ad.

The Infant

In the dawn of creation, a concept is sown,  

A fledgling idea, raw and ungrown.  

Nurtured with care, its potential untold,  

The start of a journey, a story unfolds.

The Schoolboy

Hesitant steps in the realm of design,  

Feedback and tweaks till it starts to align.  

Learning and growing, it takes on a form,  

A digital canvas, ready to storm.

The Lover

With hues and typography, passion ignites,  

A play of aesthetics, a dance of delights.  

Wooing its viewers, emotions run deep,  

A banner that promises, and promises to keep.

The Soldier

Tested in battles of user and screen,  

Evaluations rigorous, to ensure it’s seen.  

Ready for warfare in the marketplace vast,  

A banner that’s built, truly, to last.

The Justice

The nod of approval, or sometimes disdain,  

Decisions are made, aligning the chain.  

Reflecting the brand, its purpose so true,  

The banner stands tall, its mission in view.

The Pantaloon

Time ticks away, weariness creeps in,  

Once vibrant and fresh, now starting to thin.  

Yet data and numbers, they guide its fate,  

To refresh or retire, before it’s too late.

Second Childhood

Archived and at rest, its duty now done,  

A banner remembered for battles it won.  

In digital history, its mark has been made,  

A chapter concluded, its memories won’t fade.

– GTP4 – 2023 –

August 13, 2023